BEAVERS – Summer 2015

Hi All,

Just a quick catch up to say that Beavers will start back on Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th April.

All the best


1st Binfield Beavers – BSL

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BEAVERS – Autumn 2014 Return

Hi Everyone,

Well we are now back up and running this term and we have quite a bit to get through.  This term we are going to try be outside as much as we can to catch the end of the Summer sun.  We are still finalising the plan for this term but once we are there we will publish it here.

See you all soon


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BEAVERS – Tractors

Something different for the Beavers to get there hands on this week.  A chance to sit on and ask questions about tractors.  One of parents offered to bring along a tractor or two and talk about them.  So a big thank you goes out to our parents for this activity.

All the Beavers loved looking around and sitting on top of the tractors, thankfully the keys weren’t in the ignition.  On top of this they learnt about the countryside code.


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BEAVERS – Fly Tying

If you’d asked the Beavers at the start of the night, does anyone know about fly tying?  I think they would all have replied No.  Many thanks to one of our parents that response has probably been changed to Yes.  A night of fly tying was taught to the young Beavers in the hut and they all enjoyed the expereince.


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BEAVERS – Wokingham Waterside Center

On Saturday the Beavers will be coming together for a group activity down at Wokingham Waterside Center, where they will be having fun down by the river.

Details of how they got on will follow.


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BEAVERS – World Cup 2014

The Beavers took to Knox Green to play out their own world cup tournament for the evening.  Fantastic skills were on show even for those who don’t normally play football.

After playing keepy up’s with a beach ball, knocking down skittles, scoring penalties and practising throw ins we had an eventual winner.  Who knows could they really win the World Cup, well done to Zach and he was representing Germany for the night!!


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CUBS – District 6-a-side Tournament

This year 1st Binfield entered 2 teams into the district 6-a-side tournament, The Tigers and The Sharks, with Cubs of different ages and abilities coming together for the first time to try and win the tournament.  With the weather set to be very in-different throughout the tournament that was a challenge in itself.  After the 1st Phase of competition both 1st Binfield teams progressed to the next stage.  It was unfortunate that they faced each other in the semi-finals, with the Tigers winning through to the finals.

A great team effort by The Tigers almost got them home in the final.  At the full time whistle the score was 2-2 and extra time was required.  The Tigers fought well but eventually lost 4-2.

Well done to both 1st Binfield Teams.


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BEAVERS – Earleywood Bushcraft

The Beavers had a great time this week at Earleywood Camp Site with the help of Andrew who set up a great plan for the evening.  Using most of their senses the Beavers learnt how to stalk quietly in the woodlands, look for bugs hidden in the undergrowth, listen intently to their surroundings and using touch managed to get around an obstacle course.

After all this hard work they were rewarded with toasting marshmallows on an open outdoor fire.  Another great activity.

Well done Beavers


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BEAVERS – Summer Term is Coming!

Beavers is back on the 28th & 29th April this term.

The summer plan is being finalised and will be issued soon.  We have some great, fun and exciting activities planned for this coming term.  Plus on top of that the Scouts have issued some new badges which the Beavers can achieve.

See you all soon


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CUBS – Science Night at the Science Museum

On Friday the 14th March the cubs made their way to the Science Museum up in London for a Science Night Sleepover.  Unsure of what to expect but excited with anticipation the Cubs boarded the coach to start their Science Night journey.

On arrival we were greeted by our Ushers (they looked after us during our stay) and we were escorted to our sleeping area. The Cubs then had a great safety intro with Percy and then the adventure and activities started for the night.  Loud bangs, flying rockets and bingo were all part of the fun for the night before bedding down in the Exploring Space Exhibit room and sleeping under rockets and Earth.  Lights out, heads down all done for the night, roll on the morning for more of the same.

Woken early breakfast was first up before the activities started again.  The Science Night experience ended with a trip to the iMax cinema where they were showing Under the Sea in 3D on a massive screen.  The joy on the faces of the cubs trying to touch the underwater creatures was a sight to see.

All that was left to do was visit the shop before boarding the coach home.

It was a fantastic experience.  Well done to everyone involved

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