BEAVERS – Pets At Home Visit

This week we have been treated to a trip to Pets At Home in Bracknell with the chance for the Beavers to work towards the Animal Friend Activity Badge.

First to show off in front of the Beaver audience was a rabbit.  The Beavers were told to be quiet as the Rabbit would be very frightened by noises and knowing how noisy the Beavers get this was a challenge.  Questions were asked and answered where possible and the Beavers behaved.

Next out was a Guinea Pig.  A very excited little chap and again prompted questions from the Beavers.

This was followed up with a lizard.  He had a little bit more to offer than the furry friends as he managed to jump from Sally into the Beavers.  No one was hurt.

Thank you to Pets At Home for organising and allowing us to enjoy the experience.


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