CUBS – Science Night at the Science Museum

On Friday the 14th March the cubs made their way to the Science Museum up in London for a Science Night Sleepover.  Unsure of what to expect but excited with anticipation the Cubs boarded the coach to start their Science Night journey.

On arrival we were greeted by our Ushers (they looked after us during our stay) and we were escorted to our sleeping area. The Cubs then had a great safety intro with Percy and then the adventure and activities started for the night.  Loud bangs, flying rockets and bingo were all part of the fun for the night before bedding down in the Exploring Space Exhibit room and sleeping under rockets and Earth.  Lights out, heads down all done for the night, roll on the morning for more of the same.

Woken early breakfast was first up before the activities started again.  The Science Night experience ended with a trip to the iMax cinema where they were showing Under the Sea in 3D on a massive screen.  The joy on the faces of the cubs trying to touch the underwater creatures was a sight to see.

All that was left to do was visit the shop before boarding the coach home.

It was a fantastic experience.  Well done to everyone involved

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